Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come join the youth and beauty brigade

I colored/edited my previous ink drawing in Photoshop, and have been playing round with some more multi-layering effects. Apologies for any view quality issues, tell me what do you think?

In other news, my fiance' and I are heading out to look for a house, we'll be looking at an open house next week and if nothing comes of it, more property auctions in the near future. Both excited, and sort of scared and sort of indifferent to the whole deal, I've never done this sort of thing on my own before and so its a brand new experience that I've no previous experience on. In any case, I'm hoping that I'll only do more art/get a lot more further opportunities to meet fellow artists/land a job there...or I hope at least not go Jack Nicholson on everyone's butt by the next month. Anyone with home buying experience wanna help give any useful tips to a newby like me, please do so.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Refugees

I saw a picture on doctorswithoutborders.org that particularly moved me on the subject of displaced refugees who are right now due to many reasons all in camps around the world. Imagine literally thousands of people surviving on a gallon of water and cups of food a day if they get lucky, completely ontop of each other's body space. You put around ten people in a halted airport or subway system for nine hours, they get ready to eat each other. The picture struck me as almost dream like, this huge numberless mass of people's jet black bodies and faces all staring out from drapery shapes and rainbow colored hijabs or turbans or wearing tshirts, the effect was really interesting so I inked it and I am likely to color it later. I hope the image looks beautiful or just abstract, and not offensive or scary to anybody, I wanted to honor these brave people not alienize anyone.